Speaking with Confidence course

Speaking with Confidence is an 8-week practical course for those seeking measurable improvement in personal or professional communications. You will be supported in building confidence to become more at ease and effective in your ability to communicate.

Course details: 

Starting date: Monday 12th of June 2023
Time: 5.30pm - 7.30pm (2 hours)
Frequency: Weekly, every Monday (8 evenings in total)
Final date: Monday 31st of July 2023
Location: upstairs training room, Portarlington Enterprise Centre, Co. Laois
Places: 8

What does the course cover?

  • Breathing & pausing
  • Body language
  • Eye contact
  • Vocal variety
  • Story telling & power of 3
  • Engagement techniques
  • Managing energy & emotion
  • Choosing our mindset
  • Preparing a topic
  • Practice & delivery of a topic

What are 10 benefits? 

  1. Build self esteem and confidence
  2. Become a better communicator
  3. Learn how to get into a peak state before speaking
  4. Learn the techniques of public speaking
  5. Prepare for an upcoming speaking opportunity or occasion
  6. Have fun overcoming fears or nervousness
  7. Practice speaking authentically & passionately
  8. Grow in a safe, open & progressive environment
  9. Meet new people on the same journey
  10. Help others by participating & witnessing their growth


What is the feedback from past participants of this course?

“One of my insights from the course is that pausing is powerful and not a sign of weakness. Sarah is a wonderful teacher, very professional and I learnt something new from her in every class”

Suzanne - Speaking with Confidence course participant

“Three things I got from the course and will apply from now on are: 1) Taking the time to pause and to enjoy the space to think, 2) Using affirmation to fire oneself from within, and 3) Eye contact while talking and to get comfortable while doing so”

Michael - Speaking with Confidence course participant

“The course gave me more to consider than just to speak with confidence. It highlighted strengths that I was disregarding. Sarah helped us to acknowledge that we all have a right to speak and our voice is as important as the next person’s”

Amanda - Speaking with Confidence course participant

“One of my greatest learnings from the course was understanding that confidence is a skill I can build and learning to speak in public is a process”

Natalia - Speaking with Confidence course participant



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Previous clients of Hearty Humans:

I found the tips on how to prepare myself and my mind just before talking extremely helpful as this is the time when I had been feeling most anxious.”
~ Gillian Mac Gann, RTB Manager, Public Sector

Sarah slowly peels back the internal obstacles and builds the new can-do approach for the speaker with a huge sense of humility.”
~ Brian Daly, Military College Instructor, Irish Armed Forces

“My greatest learning was that pauses = power and to not rush speaking”
~ Barry O’Neill, Best Man Speech

"I find now I am catching myself quicker on a hasty thought or decision, and I can smile at what would have been the outcome if I didn't have the knowledge I have now."
~ Evelyn Joyce Kelly, Secretary, Public Sector

"I enjoyed being able to be immediately honest, drill down to the problem and see quick, practical tools I could work with. I love practical, sensible advice."
~ David Fitzsimons, Chief Operations Officer, UCD Student Union Company

“I think one of the most helpful pieces of support I was given was around the power of mantras and how you can retrain your brain to change the way you think about your abilities.”
~ Rachael Browne, Educational Psychologist