1:1 Public Speaking Mentoring

Have you an important presentation, keynote speech, business pitch or occasion you have to say a few words at?

Do you want to be confident enough to speak up when it's important to you? 

Are you ready to step out of the darkness and into the lime-light?

It is my firm belief that getting good at public speaking is something worth getting good at. Developing this skill gives you the potential to:

  • present the best of what you have to offer
  • build rapport with people key to your success or development
  • deliver ideas clearly and effectively
  • confront some of the pain points in your life
  • develop a high level of confidence and self power
  • secure a place on a course, an internship, employment or business

There are many clubs and meet ups available all over the country to improve public speaking, you can easily find them online. Though, I'm very aware that some of you have a desire, in juicy (or maybe you could say jaded or jubilant) New Year Resolution January or maybe in Start of the School Year September, to finally build up the courage to join a club or group, more often than not we don’t follow through with this desire.

There may be a number of reasons as to why people don't follow through on this, nervousness, anxiety, fear, or a lack of belief in their potential. At Hearty Humans, I offer one on one Public Speaking Mentoring for people who want to start out on their journey of becoming a confident public speaker. 

I also work with any individual with a desire to become a better speaker at any level of speaking. Whether you’ve never spoken in front of an audience before or are a confident speaker but want to refine your skills even further, I'm here for you.



My mission is to explore three pillars of creativity, confidence and courage in helping you to develop a vision of the speaker you wish to become, and get there by teaching you the skills of public speaking. Then finally, my aim is to motivate you to be courageous & leverage your newly gained skills. 


Say yes to becoming a better version of you today and get in touch for a free consultation. I look forward to understanding where you're at and where I can take you.

Please be aware, coaching is offered:

  • video meetings (preference: Zoom),
  • or in person. In person appointments can be arranged but are subject to availability & specific locations. Primary location: Portarlington, Laois. Secondary locations: Offaly or Dublin.